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What are straw hats good for? What material are straw hats made of?

Straw hats generally refer to hats woven with water grass, mat grass, wheat straw, bamboo strips or brown ropes, etc. The brim of the hat is relatively wide. It has been used for hundreds of years, until now, in the vast rural areas, it is still an indispensable part of farmers' daily life.
Weaving Method, Introduction
Wheat straw (water grass, wheat straw, bamboo strips or brown rope, etc.) is braided into a seven-strand braid, and the screw-shaped bottom is made by hand, and then a straw hat is nailed with a straw hat machine. Finally, the seven-strand braid is used to circle the edge of the hat. Wearing this kind of straw hat in summer, can shade and ventilate, very cool.
Positive and negative knot
The positive and negative knot is to tie a number of grass stems or ropes on the horizontal line. Every pair of strands is tied with a noose knot. The distance between each group is not large. The same method is used to tie the knot. It becomes a positive and negative knot.
After the whole row has been tied with a positive and negative knot, the adjacent two strands form a group with positive and negative knots to form a mesh.
Hundred knots
Turn the first strand counterclockwise for a small circlePinch the intersection point of the circle at the same time. Fold the other strand in half, pull a small section from the first strand circle. Form a small circle and press the first circle to the right. Then press the second strand clockwise on the first strand and make a big circle. Pick one and press two on the other strand of the small circle. When pulling down, press first from the small circle of the second strand, then pick it up, and then pull it down. Tightness becomes a hundred knots.
After the whole row has been knotted, two adjacent strands form a group and then knotted to form a knotted mesh.
single knot
The rope tied on the horizontal line is a group of four strands. Press the fourth strand on the second strand, on the third strand, then put the first strand into the second strand, under the third strand, and then pick the fourth strand Pass the first strand, the first strand compresses the sleeve and passes the fourth strand.
Carry the first share into the second share. Under the third sharePick the fourth share to cover the first share, press the second share. After pressing the third share, press the first share, tighten the first share down, the fourth share, straighten the second strand, third strand, single knot.
After compiling the first section of the complete group, reorganize the group and combine the first, second, third, and fourth strands with the other two adjacent strands respectively to form a group. Compile the second row of knots.